Novartis Standardise on Aegex Zone 1 Tablet PC
Hanley Technology fully supported the evaluation of the Aegex Tablet through the provision of test devices, technical support, application support and global logistic support.
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SK Bio Dublin begin migration from old Gecma Challenger Series HMI Terminals to new Gecma GWS Series HMI Terminals
In the mid 00s the SK Biotek Dublin facility selected the Gecma Challenger series Zone 1 Hazardous area terminals to allow operations interact with their Emerson Delta V control system while maintaining a presence on plant floor.
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Complete, portable workstation for cleanrooms
The most impressive feature of cleanroom tablets is their flexibility for different types of use. It is important that accessories are also compact and mobile. The stainless steel tablet from Systec & Solutions in combination with the CS60-HC series scanner from Zebra results in a complete mobile workstation.
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