Gas Detection Instruments

Gas detectors (or gas monitors) are critical pieces of safety equipment used to protect life and property. Using visual and audible alarms, they warn users of atmospheric hazards including dangerous levels of toxic and explosive gases and low oxygen levels.


Our Personal and area gas detectors offer a trustworthy solution for any application. Using sensor technology, gas detectors measure and display the concentration of gases in the air. When a gas reading reaches a certain level, the gas detector begins to alarm. Gas detectors prevent harmful exposure to hazardous gases in a range of industrial applications. Detectors are available in multiple configurations, ranging from a single gas setup to a multifunctional or multi-gas configuration. The most common and most practical gas detectors are capable of detecting several gases at once. Some gas detectors can function as an individual unit for smaller applications. Alternatively, some gas detectors can be linked together to create a wider protective system that can interact with software to provide a live monitoring solution.


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