IWAP 107

Wireless deployment in zone 1 & 21 Hazardous areas. WIFI, IOT and smart instrument.

Key Features
Deploy virtually any Wireless Access Point in Zone 1 /21
Flexible Mounting Options
Delivered as turnkey ready to deploy solution
Simplified Mounting
Elegant clean design enclosure
Multiple Antenna options
Sustainable (Migrate to new Access Points in future possible)
Possible to deploy WiFi and IOT Gateways in one enclosure

We need to deploy WIFI Network in our Zone 1 / 21 Hazardous Areas using only corporate approved wireless access points. The wireless access points approved for our networks are not certified for use in Hazardous Areas


Extronics iWap 107!

The Extronics iWAP 107 is an innovative solution that houses virtually any wireless access point in an Ex d enclosure on a modular chassis assembly. Proprietary Intrinsically Safe Radio Frequency Isolators connect to externally mounted antenna via proprietary Ex d transit connectors allow simple screw on antenna connectors outside the enclosure. Network Connectivity and power be it copper, fibre optic or POE is facilitated through Exd glanding and easy access termination point inside enclosure

In short the iWAP 107 is a vehicle to permit the deployment of virtually any standard Wireless Access Point in your Zone 1 /21 hazardous area without diminishing performance or functionality and offering you extensive antenna choices. 

Same Challenge, same solution for IOT Gateways, Smart Instrument Gateways, LTE Gateways.

Technical Specification

ATEX, IEC Ex Zone 1 /21  (Zone 2 / 22 covered by iWAP XN3

Supply Voltage

110/220vac POE

Network Connectivity

CAT6 Copper, Multimode Fibre, Single Mode Fibre, POE

Access Point

Advise (Client can free issue or Hanley Technology Procure)


User Specified , Local or Remote Mount


Copper Free Aluminum Light Allow Powder coated



Temperature Range

Access Point and configuration dependant


0-95% Non-condensing

Surge Protection


Our Process
  • Client Selects access point required for deployment in Zone 1 / 21 hazardous area
  • Client either free issues Access Points to Hanley Technology or Hanley Technology supply 
  • Full Assembly Test and Certification at Extronics Factory 
  • Package & Ship to Client complete with documentation pack.
  • Unpack, mount, terminate deploy
  • Re engage with Hanley to upgrade to new Access Point in the event of obsolescence or corporate policy change.
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