Novartis Standardise on Aegex Zone

Novartis in recent years evaluated and tested a number of mobile tablet solutions to meet the needs
of a multitude of applications across their global manufacturing facilities. Hanley Technology fully
supported the evaluation of the Aegex Tablet through the provision of test devices, technical support,
application support and global logistic support. The main criteria for the suitability of the device was
global certification for Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas and Windows 10 operating system.
Zone 2 / 22 would not be considered due to the prevalence of Zone 1 /21 areas and the challenges in
ensuring lower certificate devices would not be carried into Zone 1/21 areas.

Novartis found the available options were limited in this area, however the AEGEX10 unit met these
reuqirements and when compared to the competition, it was lighter, and more cost competitive. The
performance of the device is a limiting factor, however there is no competitor offering more
performance in an equivalent device.

The AEGEX10 device was introduced to Novartis with the intention to provide capability for users in
hazardous areas to utilise a computer that would run the standard Novartis operating system image
and therefore provide accessibility to use any standard Novartis application. However the initial
priority was to give access to the latest Maintenance and Calibration applications which were being
updated and required a new device in order to run them

The device has therefore gained significant use within Novartis in the facilites that require ATEX rating
on electronic devices. This has been successful in the maintenance workspace, and we are seeing
further demand from other users who have new ideas on how to use the devices. We hope to
continue to partner with AEGEX in future to test and use newer, more powerful devices, as these

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