Large Pharma Order for Zone 1 / 21 WIFI Deployment

We are currently engaged with a large Irish Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facility in the deployment of over 40 Cisco Wireless access points in Zone 1 and 21 hazardous areas. Our client is using a range of Hazardous Area certified mobile devices including the Aegex Zone 1 /21 Windows 10 Tablet and the i-Safe Mobile IS530.1 Zone 1/21 Android smart phone to allow operations interact with a suite of digital platforms aimed at efficient production, simplified communication and enhanced worker safety. As is often the case our client was restricted by tight corporate standards on devices permitted for use on corporate networks. In this case Cisco 3802e POE access points. Our client free issued these devices to us and through our partners Extronics these were integrated to the IWAP107 system which is best described as a vehicle to permit the deployment of such devices in Zone 1 and 21 hazardous areas without diminishing functionality of effectiveness. This particular client has over 200 of these systems currently in service ensuring wireless connectivity throughout their extensive hazardous area production facility for all mobile digital operations.



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