Large Biopharma Client takes delivery of over 80 high spec HMI Terminals

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We are very proud to have been awarded the supply of over 80 Systec Solutions GMP Cleanroom HMI terminals for both Delta V and PAS-X service. Client required a solution that was firstly compatible with their broad spectrum of cleaning solutions and cleaning practices, our Systec Solutions Wave series HMI terminals are constructed of, glass, silicone and cleanroom grade polymers. The terminals are curvaceous by design, free from crevices and ingress points, free from vents or breathers and to IP65, this supports quick, effective and safe cleaning of terminals.

Both MES and DCS spec terminals featured 24″ HD resolution screens, Projected Capacitive Touch (useable with gloves) and Glass PCT Keyboards with torque hinge angle adjustment for user comfort and stow flat.

NYMI Band readers were integrated into the Keyboards to allow operator perform MES signatures securely with a wave of the wrist towards the reader.

Client also requested full integration of Zebra Barcode scanners to permit charging while scanner is parked, this was done with our scanner box accessory ensuring scanner and cradle are integrated ergonomically while maintaining IP65 integrity of terminal and ensuring full cable concealment.

The HMI were shipped with IGEL OS11 operating system pre installed, tested and registered to clients corporate IGEL account.

Hanley Technology and Systec supported this project from start to finish supported the client in all matters, mechanical, electrical, IT, ergonomics etc. Our extensive experience in these projects proved to be a very valuable resource to the client where we worked with multiple departments  (IT, Automation, Electrical, Cleanroom Fabricators, Skid Builders etc) to ensure correct solutions were selected.

Our order was shipped on time with all documentation submitted as per clients instruction.

We look forward to supporting this client for many years to come through our Cork ad Dublin based Systec trained support teams



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