Complete, portable workstation for cleanrooms

The most impressive feature of cleanroom tablets is their flexibility for different types of use. It is important that accessories are also compact and mobile. The stainless steel tablet from Systec & Solutions in combination with the CS60-HC series scanner from Zebra results in a complete mobile workstation.

The scanner has been developed for environments with high cleaning requirements and is suitable for use in cleanrooms thanks to its gap-free and easy-clean surface complying with protection class IP65. Designed in pocket format, it is very small, lightweight and handy, and is the ideal addition to mobile working with the tablet.

The scanner and tablet are connected to one another via Bluetooth. The built-in battery enables 18 hours of operation or up to 13,000 scans. To keep the scanner ready for operation around the clock, either the battery can be replaced, or the entire scanner charged inductively.

To ensure ergonomic working, the scanner can be fitted in a silicone casing with holder, which allows it to be easily carried around the neck with a carrying strap.

Correct decoding of the bar code can be indicated by different feedback modes. It is possible to quickly switch between display using an LED, haptic feedback using vibration or an acoustic signal. The scanner has a further integrated LED, which allows scanning even in poor lighting conditions.

The scanner at a glance:

  • Gap-free housing complying with IP65
  • Exceptionally compact and lightweight 1D/2D scanner
  • 18 hours operating time / 13,000 scans
  • Interchangeable battery and contactless charging
  • Standard Bluetooth version 5.0 with BLE
  • Various feedback modes selectable
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