Large Biopharma Client order 27" 4K Resolution HMI Terminals

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We recently received an order for 12 x Systec Solutions solutions Wave series HMI terminals with 27″ screens and 4K resolution. Our client is a large Irish based multinational Biopharma Company looking for a large high resolution screen to run Multivariable Process Data Analysis Software in GMP Cleanrooms. The large screen size and high resolution is essential for optimal UX when viewing Software graphics.

The Wave 227 Terminals featured fully integrated IPC running Win10, IGEL or Thin Manager. Projected Capacitive Touch Screen, useable with gloves and requiring no recalibration or maintenance. Torque Hinge Mounted Keyboard allows user to adjust for comfort and stow flat.
Client selected our slim line direct wall mount design offering minimal intrusion into workspace with ample room to clean behind.
All 304 casing to IP65 designed to be free flowing form with no ingress points, vents or dead legs for quick and effective cleaning



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