Our Free Mounted HMI Terminal solutions spearheaded by Systec Solutions Wave Series HMI terminal revolves around a Free Mountable HMI Terminal Head of light weight and elegant design with full integrated screen, keyboard and TC/PC. Flexible build allows user to configure a standard solution to cover all applications on site, simplifying engineering and ownership.
Ergonomic design

Optimal ergonomic design with user adjustable keyboard angle, wide view angle, high bright, optical bonded screen, with keyboards and touch screens useable with multiple glove layers. Elegant curvaceous design of highest spec materials (stainless steel and glass) to IP65 with no ingress points, vents or breathers allow for quick efficient and safe cleaning. 

All Waves sizes mount to a simple mounting pattern concealing all ports and connections, allowing a near infinite selection of mounting systems to cover all scenarios while maintaining standard hardware. Quick mount/ dismount design facilitates quickest possible remedial action with minimal disruption in GxP environments. 

Modular build allows flexibility in screen size, keyboard types, PC/TC performance and specification, integration of peripherals and mounting design, aftersales upgrades and modifications possible to meet future demands.

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