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  • Hanley Technology Supply Oxygen Flow Meters to HSE and NHS Hospitals across Ireland.

Since the Covid‐19 outbreak, hospitals across Ireland have seen a significant increase in oxygen demand for high flow devices such as ventilators associated with ICU beds. Due to this increase the hospitals need to have real-time information of their oxygen demand to ensure they always have a sufficient supply of oxygen to meet the demand.

To satisfy this requirement the HSE selected Hanley Technology to provide oxygen flow metering across all of the HSE hospitals in Ireland. Our FLEXIM range of ultrasonic flow meters are clamped onto the existing copper pipework and introduce no new leak paths. In combination with integration into local BMS systems, the instantaneous O2 flow data from the FLEXIM meters allows remote access to live oxygen consumption data and alarming. Usage in each hospital is now constantly available for local effective management of critical O2 demand. Data such as live, peak, and average flows can all be fed into the operational command to assist with proactively managing the O2 demand. We have also supplied oxygen flow meters to the NSH in Northern Ireland and we are making this data available online through our cloud based Metron telemetry system from Powelectrics.

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