Mounting systems

The Mounting point on all Systec Free Mount Terminals is a common pattern, providing mechanical fixing and hook up pad to deliver network, power and port connectivity through mounting assembly with no exposed cables or ports. This modular uniform mounting pattern enables designers to meet all mounting scenarios while keeping the HMI Terminal a uniform standard simplifying spares inventory, maintenance and offering a common familiar interface to all operators.

This mounting pattern can be presented on the end of numerous mounting systems.

Quick mount/ dismount is central to our maintenance proposition. Any issue is resolved quickly by swapping HMI out, simple operation restoring service in minutes, minimising disruption in GxP environment allowing fault to be rectified cleanly after restoration of service. 

Standard designs meet most of our clients requirements (direct wall, arm mount, pedestal floor, ceiling table top etc) on a relatively quick delivery but we also have the capability to custom design mounts for more bespoke scenarios or to retrofit to legacy mounts from other manufacturers.

Direct wall

Double Pedestal

u-tube arm

Double Arm Mount

Ceiling suspended

Flush Mount

Pedestal floor

Equipment Mount


Custom Design


Cavity Enclosure

Table Top Mount

Our simplest and most popular option takes advantage of slim form factor Wave terminals to present the HMI free from any wall recesses making maintenance and future upgrades a relatively low disruption activity. This elegant design balances minimal intrusion with the need to clean thoroughly between rear of HMI and wall. Quick delivery of these mounts can be arranged ahead of HMI terminal to meet construction schedules 


  • Direct “to-wall” simple wall bracket 
  • Minimal intrusion into room space 
  • Stow flat Keyboard to further minimise intrusion for high traffic areas 
  • All 304 construction 
  • Ample room to reach behind with hand and cloth for cleaning
  • Fully IP65 
  • Quick dismount for repair or upgrade with minimal disruption 
  • Optional IP65 ports for USB or LAN
  • Quick delivery of mounting System for fitting during construction.


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